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School Emblem

The school has used Mahasarakham University’s logo as the school emblem. Inside the school emblem, there is a picture of the radiator and the symbol of the goddess Na Dun. Below the school emblem, there is the solar radiation that radiates from the khid fabric which is located above the Pali slogan “ผู้มีปัญญา พึงเป็นอยู่เพื่อมหาชน”. There is a circle surrounded by two layers listed the name of Mahasarakham University Demonstration School (Primary School) inside


Emblem’s Meaning

  • Ancient Thai Bai Sema means wisdom
  • Radiator means full knowledge.
  • The goddess Na Dun means virtue good.
  • Solar radiation refers to prosperity.
  • Khid pattern means the identity of the Northeast.
  • A circle of circles and six petals means the school that makes the youth of the nation.


Exuberant Color of the School : Yellow and White

“Yellow” is a manifestation of wisdom or thought, good morals and prosperity
“White” represents intelligent. So when bringing together the two colors, it means that there is intelligence along with the full thought and dedication, all of this will lead to success and prosperity.